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Renovation Project

Pelsall Community Centre used the lockdown time to initiate the start of a renovation project at the centre. Since that time we have been busy adding to the improvements through various work and projects.

Our main goal is to update the facilities for our community and users so that it is modern and fit for purpose. 

This will be an ongoing project that will be secured by applying for funding as well as raising funds through our own charity events, donations and community contributions.

See below updates for the individual renovations that have taken place.

Kitchen Refurbishment

At Pelsall Community Centre we strive to keep the facilities up to the highest and latest standards

This Project was carried out by the amazing team at Caterlink UK LTD Design manufacture supply installation & maintenance. We would like to thank Asda, Pelsall First Councillor Team and all the volunteers at the Centre who have worked tirelessly to raise money for the project.


Lilibet's Lodge

Our new outdoor area is now complete and ready for use by our centre users. 

If you have been following our progress then you will know this project began last year with the removal of existing structures, trees and unsteady paving.

We are proud to have a fully functional outdoor area that is suitable for small groups, children activities and gardening projects. It has full electrics and lighting, so the space can be used in both the daytime and darker hours. Additional seating and tables can be added from our internal storage.

Lilibet's Lodge is named in memory of our late Queen Elizabeth II.

PHOTO-2022-10-14-07-57-35 2.jpg
PHOTO-2022-10-17-13-15-38 2.jpg
PHOTO-2022-10-14-19-19-57 3.jpg

Mens Toilets Transformation

A long awaited and over due renovation of the mens toilets is now complete.

This project required a complete removal of the existing facilities, taking them back to the brickwork and open pipes. New tiles and plastering was added, along with the installation of new toilet cubicles and urinals.

Take a look at the before and after pictures to see this fantastic transformation. 

Mens toilet 1.jpg
Mens toilet 2.jpg



PHOTO-2022-08-24-22-29-08 2.jpg
PHOTO-2022-08-18-16-59-11 2.jpg

Hall floor restoration

dance floor 2.jpg
dance floor 1.jpg
dance floor 3.jpg


We are very pleased to announce that we have been successful in reaching our target of £6500 to renovate our hall floor.

A huge THANK YOU to all of our supporters and people who have pledged, from £1 to £1000 every pound has truly made a big difference to our cause. 

Working with Crowdfund Walsall we have been able to secure all of the funding needed to restore and renovate the floor that has served our community for over 60 years.

Watch this space for further updates as the work begins later this year. 

Screenshot 2022-09-04 at 9.05.52 pm.png

Garden Renovation

Garden before.JPG
Garden 1.jpg
Garden after.JPG

A big thank you to J Haywards and Sons of Walsall who have helped us with the start of our Garden renovation and excavation. 

The company supplied us with a mini digger as well as labour to demolish the old shed structure and take up the uneven slab grounding that surrounded the area. It took just under a week for the team to complete.

Alongside this, they paid for 5 large skips to remove all rubbish which saved us over £1700.

It is down to the generosity of companies such as Haywards that we are able to carry out projects like this.

See the image below for old railway sleepers that were uncovered during the shed removal. Another link to the history of the village and community right underneath our centre. 

Garden 4.jpg

Oaklands Suite Facelift

Oaklands Suite 2.jpg

The Oaklands Suite is our foyer area that links all other rooms and provides access to other areas of the centre. 

The entire room has been painted white to give the suite a fresh, bright appearance in contrast with the lower wooden ceiling. 

Old extractor fans have been removed and boxed in and sections of the walls have been plastered to create modern, clean surfaces.

Other wiring areas have been boxed to keep electricals over of view and touch for the safety of our centre users.

Oaklands Suite 3.jpg

The previous coat check room has been transformed into a storage cupboard and metal protection sheets added to the door. This maintains the doors when moving equipment in and out. 

Updated Heating System

The old heating system has been updated and new radiators put in place in The Oaklands Suite and Herriott Room. This will help the heating run more efficiently and be environmentally friendly. Through new technology, we can control the heating to timed events making sure that the centre is the right temperature for specific groups and events.

We were fortunate to have  Garry Perry our Local Councillor support us in upgrading our heating throughout the centre, and we are extremely thankful for this. 

Roof Clean Up

During the lockdown when the centre was closed to users, we were able to remove over grown moss and plants from the roof and check for external damage.

This was a vital task to ensure the high maintenance of the building 

Roof before.jpeg
Roof after.jpeg

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